Spring Roll Wrappers

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Classic Vietnamese Rice Pancakes for Spring Rolls. Blue Dragon Vietnamese Spring Roll Wrappers are delicious filled with your choice of vegetables, meat or seafood. Serve fresh or deep fried with Blue Dragon Nuoc Cham Dipping Sauce or Blue Dragon Sweet Chilli Dipping Sauce.

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Blue Dragon products are available for sale at all major grocery stores across Canada. Contact us to find the store nearest you.

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Rice Flour, Tapioca Flour Starch, Water, Salt.

Serving suggestion: 1. Place wrapper into hot water until it is soft and pliable (about 10-15 seconds). 2. Remove wrapper and blot on a damp tea towel. 3. Place the filling in the middle of the wrapper. 4. Fold over the bottom and sides. 5. Roll wrapper upwards to form a neat roll shape. Serve immediately or deep-fry for about 2 minutes. Contains approximately 12 sheets per pack.

Filling suggestion (for 4 rolls): Combine 40g cooked rice noodles, with 20g bean sprouts, 4 chopped lettuce leaves, 12 medium sized cooked prawns and a handful each of chopped mint and coriander. 

Alternative filling (for deep-frying): Stir fry thin strips of cabbage, carrots and mushrooms with minced chilli, ginger and garlic. Season with Blue Dragon Soy Sauce.

Storage: Store in a cool dry place. Once opened put in an airtight container, keep refrigerated and use within 30 days.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Not a significant source of saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, fibre, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium or iron.

Available in 134g

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